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There are several forms of traffic exchange. You can exchange links or banners, but the most effective form is popunder traffic exchange. Before I explain what is popunder I want to explain why links and banners are less efficient for gambling business. Most sites have many links and banners of the casinos you will promote placed on all pages especially on main page. The chances someone will see the link/banner and click it, is very low.

What is a popunder?
A popunder is a pop up that loads in the background underneath a web page. This is a highly effective form of Internet advertising because contrary to a pop up, a popunder fully loads in the background and is seen when the visitor has finished viewing the original web page. Popunders have been given a lot of press lately due to their effectiveness. If you use MSN or Hotmail you may have seen a popunder.

How does the popunder traffic exchange work?
For every X popunders you show, you get X or less popunder display back on another site in the network. Usually most show 1 popunder for each unique visitor, so the Exchange is clean and your impressions will not be wasted on multiple views per visitor.

Earn you traffic
The exchange traffic company delivers full browser views of your site. You supply them with the URL of your site and they show that page in a window launching from other sites in the network. You earn traffic credits by showing other network sites. Each unique visitor to your site will see one full window beneath your site, usually when they leave. This is counted as 1 credit. For each X credits that you earn, your site is loaded the same way for a X or less unique visitor from another Exchange Member site.

X or less ration
There are different programs on the Internet. One of the thing that changes from one to an other is the exchange ratio. Some gives you 5:10, for every 10 popuder in your site you get 5 popunders for your site from another Exchange Member site. Some goes up to 1:1 ration. I cant say which is the best but it is extremely important for you to select a trafiic exchange program that exchange gambling traffic. Other wise you will get non-targeted traffic, which is not good for your business. I use Gambling Safari, it's free and is pure gambling traffic.

Will your site be plastered with popup windows?
No. As far as I know the good programs' systems detect unique visitors and only shows one Member Site per session. Normally, your visitors won't even know that the Exchange site has loaded until they leave your site.

Popups on your site
All programs do not allow ant traffic exchange code on pages that contain other popup or popunder windows. So read carefully the programs' rules.

Reload your page over and over to earn credits - This is cheating! Most programs have their systems in place to detect fraud, Cheaters are still taken very seriously. Accounts suspected of cheating will be withdrawn and reviewed. Part of them report all confirmed cheaters to Internet and Legal Authorities, and some even may launch legal proceedings to recover any damages. Don't do it!

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