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The Myth of Turnkey Sites

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What is a Turnkey Site?
A Turnkey website is one where another company provides hosting, content and construction of a website for a charge. These sites are advertised as a way to take advantage of the income potential in the Gambling Internet market with little effort or knowledge on your part. You pay the fee to the Turnkey provider and they register a domain for you and give you a percentage payment of all the members that sign up for your site.

Advantages of a Turnkey
For the inexperienced webmaster, the turnkey website appears to be a great opportunity. The turnkey website has quality graphics and layout. The turnkey provider supplies all the content such as video feeds and images. They take care of all the domain registration and search engine submission. The amount of work involved in building any website is an intimidating task for the newbie webmaster. The turnkey gambling website appears to be the perfect solution for the uninitiated. You can find many companies selling these turnkey site, look at our resources pages.

Disadvantages of a Turnkey
While a turnkey gambling site sounds like a direct path to Internet riches, the reality is turnkey sites could be a wasted investment for you.

The first problem with such a site is lack of control. Since the turnkey provider designs the site and its contents, you have to settle for what the provider decides should reside on your page. You will not be able to change graphics or layout or META TAGS.

A second problem is the advertising aspect of your turnkey website. Most providers assign the task of promoting and advertising your gambling guide site to you. They recommend you spend additional money on ads in newspapers and magazines. While these types of ads may be effective, they are costly and are not nearly as effective as traditional Internet site promotion.

A third problem is profit. Aside from start-up fees, you will most times have to share a large percentage of any revenue you generate with your turnkey provider. Do not forget you are not selling your content. You will be selling your provider's products and services. Most turnkey providers are basically making you pay them to sell their wares.

There are some turnkey providers that allow you more control, but they also charge much higher usage fees. When you can get a free-hosted page and promote sponsor affiliations for little or no investment, we here at GWS feel turnkey Gambling sites waste your time and money.

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